RESOURCES for this COVID-19 period

last update: 2/18/21



8 Tips for Improving Communication When Wearing a Face Mask by the NIDCD.

Click here to read their article, "Cloth face coverings and distancing pose communication challenges for many"


"ready-to-use tools for the range of support needs to help people with autism through this crisis" 

information on how people with disAbilities can protect and prepare themselves during the pandemic

ncpd. org 

the Rights of Persons with [DisAbilities] to Medical Treatment During the COVID-19 Pandemic, video, infographic, and more 

a list of resources for persons with disAbilities and the Deaf Community and more


(please, check your diocesan policies before scheduling any video calls) 

Google Meet

free and unlimited meetings for Google account holders; for up to 100 participants and up to 60 minutes


free with sign up; unlimited meeting time for up to 10 people

Glip by RingCentral

free with sign up; unlimited meeting time for up to 100 people


free on their web site or with app (no sign up needed); unlimited time and video calls for up to 100 people


free by downloading their mobile app; unlimited time; up to 8 people per group video call


free sign up; up to 40 minutes; up to 100 people

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