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Design that reads "Video Series: Hands-on Adaptive Activities."

Just for you!

New Video Series

  • 3 videos with

  • 3 Hands-on Adaptive Activities for each of the

  • 3 persons of the Holy Trinity

To facilitate the encounter with Jesus and children and youth with disAbilities!

This Video Series:

  • contains 3 faith based Hands-on Adaptive Activities

  • is for children and youth with disAbilities and additional needs

  • includes lists of adaptive supplies with their alternatives

  • can be a supplement in catechesis and evangelization programs

  • has 3 videos with each standing alone as needed

  • is free for you via YouTube link (after registering)

God Loves Me

God loves me poster

Who is Jesus?
Sensory Box

Sensory box of Who is Jesus?

Symbols of the
Holy Spirit
Pop-up Book

Pop-up book.

Access the

Video Series:

Hands-on Adaptive Activities

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