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last update: 2024-1-24

American Sign Language (ASL) University 

provides free sign language lessons and instruction  taught in a casual, yet professional way by Dr. Bill Vicars who also has his own YouTube channel on the matter. You will also find dictionaries, practices, and more "to help you learn ASL and improve your signing."


The three parts of the ASL YOUCAT (Youth Catechism of the Catholic Church) videos with an introduction to it and a welcome in ASL from Archbishop Naumann.

Called to the Joy of Love: National Pastoral Framework for Marriage and Family Life Ministry

USCCB Guidelines to accompany "married couples and families in every phase of life." Download the PDF to read Part III, Accompanying Families with Members Who Have Disabilities, Chronic Illness, or Mental Illness.

College Planning Guide

by Intelligent for students with learning disAbilities which includes how to request accommodations, and more.

Faith and Light

serves persons with intellectual disabilities, their families and friends through Christian based groups. The website also includes publications, testimonials, and a world map to their many communities.


Family Connect

a website "for parents of children with visual impairments.” You will find support and multiple resources like videos, links, and tons of helpful information for raising your precious child.

General Directory for Catechesis 

Go to Chapter III For special situations, mentalities and environments, 189.



for the Celebration of the Sacraments with Persons with Disabilities.

offers a video dictionary with different speeds to learn American Sign Language (ASL) by word or phrases. This website also provides information on Deaf Culture, fingerspelling, writing and reading ASL, tutorials, and more.

Loyola Press

Offers traditional prayer videos in American Sign Language (ASL).


Pastoral Statement

U.S. Catholic Bishops on Persons with Disabilities (PDF).

The National Catholic Partnership on Disability (NCPD)

promotes "meaningful participation of persons with disabilities in church and society." It provides a wealth of information on disabilities, resources for catechesis, events, and search box (try "ASL" for a list of these specific resources).

Two Blind Brothers Braille Translator

"a simple way to convert text to braille and braille to text."


composed of 15 non-profit organizations which seek to support parents of children with learning and attention issues. From signs and symptoms to assistive technology and chat with an expert, this website is a treasure of information and hope.

V National Encuentro of  Hispanic/Latino Ministry

Its Proceedings and Conclusions, Ministerial Area Sessions under 21. Ministry Among People with dis[A]bilities and the Deaf Community includes its vision, social and religious context, top recommendations, and successful and exemplary practices. Read online, download, or print.

Xavier Society for the Blind

"provides religious, spiritual, and inspirational reading materials in braille and audio to blind and visually impaired individuals worldwide" free of charge.

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