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Portrait of Ana Barraza with a wall of crosses as the background.

My name is Ana Barraza, now living in California for the second time in my life. I’m a certified Special Education teacher and a mom in a Catholic missionary family. I have been married to my best friend, Alex, for 24 years. We have been blessed with 3 faith-filled kids (2 young adults and a teen). Lately, my ministry as expanded to the digital continent.

Three things I am passionate about:

  • serving our Church with disAbilities, their parents and those involved in their faith formation;

  • creating prayer spaces having the saints as models; and

  • encouraging others by kind, truthful words.

table with lap top and manipulatives for virtual adaptive class
Screenshot image of Ana Barraza

It is my hope that this space serves as a light of hope in your walk with God as you serve our people with disAbilities, and strive to be holy.

May you always know you are not alone.  May Our Lady of the Light illuminate our daily path as we seek to do what He says.

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Blessings! - Ana

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