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Encounter with Jesus

An Ongoing Faith Formation Program
for Persons with disAbiliites

This adaptive unit focuses on the Holy Trinity. Participants will come to know, love and serve the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit in a deeper way.

  • When: June 2024

  • Program: 3 synchronous virtual sessions

  • Virtual Master Catechist: Ana Barraza

  • Time:   6:30 pm EST

  • Modality: hybrid (virtual/in-person)

  • Who: young adults and adults with disAbilities

  • Hosts: Christ our Light and Our Lady of Victory Parishes; Archdiocese of Detroit

  • Fee: free of charge

Ana Barraza with virtual setting.jpg

More about this program

  • This adaptive unit on the Holy Trinity is developed in 3 adaptive lessons.

  • Each adaptive lesson includes a list of materials and print out(s).

  • Participants engage together in prayer moments, icebreakers, hands-on activities, Bible readings, and more.

  • A visual schedule is followed to facilitate the encounter with Jesus to know, love, and serve God in a deeper way.

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