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CRS Gift of Hope for children with disAbilities

My family and I have been participating of the Catholic Relief Services, CRS, Lent project: the Rice Bowl for many years with as little or as much as we can according to the economics of each current stage in our lives. Since my oldest started working this year, last Lent we were able to contribute more than the usual.

Last week, we received by mail CRS 2019-2020 Gift Catalog titled Give the Gift of Hope. These “gifts with a purpose” like CRS calls them “save, protect and transform the lives of people in need around the world.” I was highly inspired when I found out some of their “gifts” include contributing just $50 to provide a modified bicycle for a child with disAbilities which will give the child “greater independence” as they make their way to school. Other educational gifts include contributing to buy a hearing aid for a child with disAbilities; and tuition as extra support for them to receive an education that “improves their well-being.”

I reminded my own children how blessed we are to have everything we do thanks to God. I encouraged them to buy gifts from the catalog rather than gifts for each other. We really don’t “need” anything else. I also showed my husband the CRS catalog once he came back home from work, and he was on board right away! I’m so blessed to be married to him. Our love truly beats as one for Him who as loved us first (1 Jn, 4,19).

Thus, Catholicus will be making a contribution towards a modified bicycle for a child with disAbilities. How many times have you needed something and somebody, sometimes a complete stranger, has given you exactly what you needed? How many times have you felt the need to give because you can? We are One Church! The gifts we have are meant to be shared so others are relieved of their burdens through our compassion, just like our Father is merciful.

There are other CRS gifts that could fit in your budget as you get ready for Christmas this black-Friday-cyber-Monday weekend. Just choose a category, and check out CRS website to learn about the multiple projects to assist “the poor and vulnerable overseas.”

Advent blessings!


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