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3 Practical Things to be Welcoming to People with All-abilities

Whenever it is appropriate, I like to encourage catechetical leaders, and catechists alike to read this short but powerful statement by the US Catholic Bishops: Welcome and Justice for Persons with Disabilities. I also would like to invite you, to do so by clicking on this link so you may be inspired into action, aware of the responsibility that each one of us have of becoming One Body in Christ.

Inspired by the statement, I would like to propose to you 3 practical things we can all do to be more welcoming in your own community:

  • Say hi! We could do that little, but with great love, like Mother Teresa.

  • Observe to notice opportunities for being welcoming.

  • Pray for our own communities, and for ourselves to be welcoming.

May the Holy Spirit renew in us the gift of understanding that we may truly learn to open the doors for all we encounter to find rest. Amen.


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