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Eyes of a Woman

a young woman's eyes

If you look into your eyes, the eyes of a woman, you will discover God’s in you. God who has made you a woman, and you who have strived each day to find yourself. Thus, one day, as you look at yourself in the mirror, you will actually recognize God’s in you. For the first time, you will recognize who you are: a woman! Neither a little girl nor a teen girl, but a woman. Even though, from your perspective, you might look imperfect, you will always be able to find your perfection before God’s eyes for He is perfect. You will always be able to find your holiness for He is holy; your being for He Is.

Let us pray: Lord God, I want to be holy like You are holy. I want to be who You have planned for me to be. I want to be a woman like Mary, and do what You ask me to do. Amen.

Go deeper: How can I integrate the best of my childhood and/or my teen years to the woman I am right now?

Challenge: Look into my eyes, and know that God loves me just the way I am at this moment.


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