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Mother Drexel, Pray for Us

The more I get to know a new saint in my own life, the more I realize all saints are great for their given time and reality.

Since the beginning of the year, I have been revising my youngest’s research report. The sample he is using is on St. Katharine’s life. By February, I must have read it countless times checking all mechanics and whatnots. Now, I was wondering who St. Katharine Drexel really was.

I realized I have heard her name many times and seen her picture, but that was it. Now, I was determined to learn about her. As I put aside my teacher’s hat, I began to intentionally read about her life which started to unwrap before my eyes. Right away, I identified myself with her as I started reading of her frugal ways to to be able to use money where it really mattered: better tips for underpaid African-Americans, school supplies for Native-American children! I learned that Mother Drexel (click here to learn more) used to write in the back of the letters she received when she needed writing paper. I could certainly relate to that since I usually print on paper that has only been printed on one side. My purpose is not as noble since my main focus is my own family’s needs.

As I kept reading how she founded universities for African-Americans, and advocated for the education of Native-Americans, I started feeling a challenge as a Special Ed teacher. What else can I do to serve the needs of our Church with disAbilities? It is in this question that Mother Drexel’s life resounds ever so clearly in my life. As I keep serving each child with their sacramental preparation, I still want to take up the challenge I hear in my heart to do more since I know the great need there is of letting our children with disAbilities come to Jesus.

How providential that today is St. Katharine Drexel's feast day! She accomplished her mission with the gift that God gave her. I want to do the same, I want to accomplish the mission of serving our brothers and sisters with disAbilities with the unique gifts God has given me for this specific moment in life.

Please, pray with me: May we use the gifts God has bestowed upon us to do exactly what only us can do in our own time and circumstance. May our Lady, Mother of the Redeemer, cover all of us with her loving mantle. St. Katharine Drexel, pray for us. Amen.


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