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God is I AM!

Today, I’m still reflecting on what happened at the end of last month. I can exclaim that You are, the God whom I serve, the God who gives me all I have, the God of life, I AM! (Ex. 3, 14)

What else can I, a woman of tested faith, say? What else can I, a mom of 3 faith filled teens, confirm? What else can I, a wife to my best friend, experience? You are God! After walking away from a head on collision caused by a “man” who drove on the median crashing with our family van; while I were coming to a stop to make a left turn just a block away from our home… All is left to say, to confirm, to experience “Thank you, God!” Thank you for my life. Thank you for the life of my oldest son who was in the passenger seat. Thank you for the life of the “man” who also was able to walk away after causing such a frightening and traumatic accident. Thank you, God!

In the aftermath of that shocking moment, as I continued praying to You, God my Father, about what to do since the “man” did not accept what he had caused; You reminded me about a moment in St. John Paul II’s life. I remembered the picture of him with his shooter while visiting him in prison. The answer was clear. Then, as my son and I passed by the “man” who was still looking down at the sidewalk, I prayed to You, my God, with resolute conviction, “I, forgive.”


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