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Saint Margaret of Castello

Did you know Saint Margaret of Castello is patron saint of persons with disAbilities? She completely understand suffering along with the difficulties someone faces since she was born blind and had other physical disAbilities. For a time, she had no family and was homeless

Even more so, Saint Margaret of Castello understood the need to do works of charity for those in most need. Se understood the importance of unceasing self-giving towards neighbor. Her love for the Eucharist in her soul was a consuming fire which she would nourish by her constant prayer life.

I invite you today to think about the life and example of holiness of Saint Margaret of Castello and ask her to intercede before God for all persons with disAbilities and their families, for those you live with and those you serve.

How God loves us when He gives us examples of holiness such as Margaret's! Saint Margaret of Castello, ora pro nobis. Amen.


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