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As I start this new chapter in my ministry, I think about those years back in college (UTEP) when God started to prepare my journey so I could earn my degree in Special Education while serving in music ministry and as a catechist in my old home parish, San Judas Tadeo in El Paso, TX.

Since then, I started pondering the idea of, one day, being able to serve our Church as a professional. Throughout the years, I have had the opportunity to serve in several ministries, parishes, and dioceses of the United States. This has allowed me to recognize the lack of adaptive services for the multiple needs of our little ones. On the other hand, I have also met people who dedicate themselves to acknowledge and meet these needs, and to integrate our people with disabilities to the life of the Church.

Currently, I am still passionate about training our catechists and leaders so they can respond to this very much needed mission of evangelizing and catechizing our people with disabilities while rooted on the documents of the Catholic Church. These documents enrich and nurture such mission. Since the summer of 2014, I have been part of the Loyola Press Speaker Corps, a national group of selected catechetical leaders. Thanks to this, I have been able to expand my service of providing formation to many leaders. At the same time, I have been able to bring awareness to our Church on the importance of serving our people with disabilities, and their families who desire to take their own children to God.

a girl on a wheelchair, a nun looking at her, and a lady adjusting the girl's legs

Let us pray: Lord Jesus, You gave sight to Bartimaeus. Open our eyes to the needs of those in most need of You. Amen.

Go Deeper: Read the story of the blind man of Jericho (Mc. 10, 48-52). What would you have done if you would have heard him call out to Jesus?

Challenge: Say hi to a person with disabilities and his/her family even if you do not know them.


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