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Faith and Light, a Shining Website

Browsing the internet, you can find tons of information about persons with disabilities. This time, I’d like to highlight a website that provides several free services on line for your ministry and/or life, for those whom you serve, and/or their parents or guardians.

a cross with the sun shining through it from above is a virtual community which provides information about communities for persons with intellectual disabilities, and for those who are close to them and support them. Under a Christian perspective, these worldwide groups gather once a month “to share friendship, pray together, fiesta and celebrate life.”

Read about it: if you click on Publications, and then on Up sails!, you will be able to download their international letter which contains many news about Faith and Light’s different activities. You will also have the opportunity to subscribe to their e-newsletter.

Pray with them: if you click on About Us, and then on Faith and Light Prayer, you will have access to their written prayer. At the bottom of that page, you will also find a link to their printable “mimed” prayer.

Languages: besides being available in English, this website is accessible in Spanish and French.

May Jesus, Lord of Mercy, continue blessing the Faith and Light communities in their continuous efforts so they can carry out their missionary work of bringing hope to all nations. Amen.


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