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A Short List of American Sign Language Benefits

Did you know that integrating sign language to your Adaptive Faith Formation classroom is actually beneficial? I always encourage catechists, educators, and parents to integrate some American Sign Language (ASL) to their daily routines with their children. Even when children can communicate in some other language or using alternative communication, ASL will enhance their skills. I usually suggest to start with a single sign adding more signs progressively.

Here is a list of 5 benefits of using ASL with your children regardless of their communication Abilities:

  • ASL helps in developing speech and language

  • ASL gives a visual sign to a word

  • ASL helps in creating a stronger imprint in the brain

  • ASL represents information

  • ASL helps to formulate mental pictures

To get you started, check out for a video dictionary in ASL. Try searching for words like “God,” “Lord,” and/or “teacher.” Want to do more? Try integrating one or more traditional Catholic prayers in ASL during prayer time. You can find the Sign of the Cross, the Hail Mary, the Our Father, and the Act of Contrition at

Saint Francis de Sales, patron saint of educators and deaf people, pray for us!


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