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Reading the Bible Out Loud

A girl in a wheelchair holding a Bible with a speech bubble that reads, "I know I am loved!"

Reading the Bible is an important skill to develop in your adaptive classroom and home. The Bible is where we all learn about Jesus' life and His teachings.

When children with disAbilities can read on their own, it's exciting to hear them reading out loud Bible stories. This is something I encourage you to try during your own Reading time if you haven't.

How to go about it? First, allow between ten and fifteen minutes during Reading Time starting with a short, God related, story book read by you. Then, you can ask each child to take turns reading a sentence or two from a Children's Bible. Choose either a Jesus' story that correlates with your lesson, or one that reinforces a concept you already taught.

Tip #1: Keep your Reading Circle small, three to four children in all. If you have helpers, tell them beforehand what is expected of them. Then, divide your Reading groups so everybody can participate reading out loud.

Tip #2: You could also have some students doing table work and others reading the Bible with you. Since you know your children best, I encourage to take in consideration their different learning styles.

To ponder: What is one of my favorite Jesus' stories that I have yet to share with my child(ren)?


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