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7 Things That Get Me Close to God

Birds, with their melodic tweets and intrepid flights.

Thank you God for You also take care of me!

Clocks, keeping track of time as I go about my busy life.

Thank you God for making things happen when You see fit!

Coffee, delicious, energizing liquid that gets me going.

Thank you God for renewing my strength each day!

a cup of coffee on a saucer

Mangos, juicy, sweet, and tender reminder of Your love.

Thank you God for the small happenings in my life!

My cell phone, with installed prayer apps such as Laudate.

Thank you God for the resources I have!

Pillows, soft, comfortable, and inviting for a good night’s rest.

Thank you God for I can rest in You when I am tired!

Sunsets, amazing colors and ever-changing sunlight show.

Thank you God for such inspirational moments!


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