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All Children of God

All children of God, regardless of their disAbility, have a place in the Body of Christ. When their parents bring them to Church, they desire what all Christian parents desire for their kids: God in their lives!

Three pictures of children playing with a beach ball with a caption that reads, "all children of God"

How could you be welcoming to all children with disAbilities in your own classroom showing them God's love? A simple yet effective way todo this is by playing catch using a beach ball! This makes for a good activity before you start your adaptive session or class with children with disAbilities.

While you guide them into playing, think about on how true it is that they are all children of God! Give thanks to God for each one by using each name in an encouraging sentence. You can also use their names out loud to cheer for each. As part of this vocal and mental prayer, finish with an "Amen" in your thoughts.

May God continue blessing you, your service and prayer for our Church with disAbilities. Amen.


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