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This is a poem I wrote while I was praying and meditating on God the Father as Creator and me as His creation. Trying to understand who I am, and who He created me to be. Realizing what I want and knowing it. I have chosen to capitalize some nouns and pronouns I like to use to address God in prayer. May this prayer poem give voice to any thought and feeling that you have hidden or stuck in your mind and heart.


Call me into being

Longing, thirsting, waiting

For You, my Creator.

Call me into being.

Carve me, Life, into being

Surrendering, accepting, abandoning

In You, my Maker.

You said and I was.

You say and I am.

You did and I became.

You do and I become.

I always want to be in You.

I always want to be within You.

I always want to be in You.

I always want to stay in You.


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