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Praying at the Beach

Summer season is great for participating of outdoor activities. You can take advantage of this to establish a constant relationship with God through prayer. Like Saint Paul tells us, “pray at all times (Eph. 6: 18) .” I would like to propose to you the following spiritual practice for when you are at the beach:

Choose a place where you can stop by for a short moment (or a long one!) to listen to the sound of water from the sea or a lake. While you are there, pay attention to your body posture, and be comfortable so you are not distracted from the moment. Then, while you consciously take a big breath, acknowledge God’s presence for He has created the sea, the lakes, the water, and the sand.

Now, breathe again paying attention to the sounds around you. Say to yourself, “How great are your works, oh Lord!” (Ps. 92: 6a). While you thank God for that moment, think of Him, and of His creation repeating the verse from the psalm each time in your mind. Breathe one more time, and remember that you are a masterpiece of God. Thank Him for that reciting the verse in your mind. Acknowledge that God loves you as you breath, listen, thank Him, and are at the beach.

You can finish that prayer moment saying to yourself: “Amen!” while you consciously breathe one more time.

May God who made heaven and earth fill you with blessing this summer season. Amen.


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